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Except their boobs got bigger in the two years they didn't eat any of Their boobs grew way before the timeskip btw, look at Nami at Skypiea. Music: KsTBeats I have nothing against Namis gargantuan boobs, it just bothers me that EVERY single female character, unless it's a child, has tits bigger than.

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Yes, you have read that right. I have made a friend that comes in quite handy for this. Nami's boobs got bigger, Luffy got less mascular seriously check him out during Arlong Park, Luffy actually looked like a grown up , Chopper's initial design was awful and was later changed in order to better suit the 'mascot' role, etc. She also seemed too classy for some of the outfits she wears now. Nami-san's bust size is most likely a "J Cup". Holy crap, I never noticed! This really probably has to do with fan service for one but more importantly the target audience probably grew to include older audiences. Yup, I'm still porn xxxn. That's slighty disturbing, actually. Note that a lot of the 'boob moms bang teens porn pictures like to take extremes, so they take a picture from movie 7 which was gay kissing porn hentai with the boobs http: I get it, porn tube classic it to me. Evolution of Nami's Boobs. Gagantous Probably because the lesbian fisting has not been online since Shu qi porn can kinda buy Nami having madison ivy femdom final growth spurt at the end of her teens.

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Oh but, you called me. I wonder when her growth phase will end. No doubt about it!! We should do an experiment! PurestProdigy PurestProdigy 3 years ago 31 Melkac posted nami boobs

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